Vagabond 101

Living without residence.

By definition vagabond means: moving from place to place without a fixed home. The first thing you might wonder is where will my bills go? Or what do I write on applications? Or where will I have stuff that I order online sent to? This can seem to cause problems for the modern travel that has no permanent residence, but there are many ways to get around the whole address thing. The most important thing to remember about not having a permanent address is to stay organized, and always use the same old address.

We live in the future. I find it silly to think that we even use paper anymore. With technology the way it is pretty much all mail can be send digitally. Letters, bills, notices, and other document type stuff can all be sent via email. Pretty much all billing services offer a paperless option for receiving your bills. This should be the first thing you do when leaving your place of permanent residence. Contact all companies that bill you (cell phone, internet, insurance, etc.) and set up paperless billing with them. Also, set up a calender of reoccurring bills so that you don't forget when things are due.

When filling out applications for anything, if you do not have a friend or acquaintance in the area just use the address that is on your ID. This way they can't get you on false info. If they ask you for a local address, as long as it is not a government agency, make one up. The best way to make up an address is to use a real one. When you first get to any town look at a residential street name and house number, write it down, use it. Most companies don't really ever check addresses. The reason to use the address on your ID when talking to government agencies is because they can and do check your address on a national level and their records will always show your ID address or the last address you gave when getting ticketed, and sometimes both if they differ. If you give an address besides the one on your ID they may ask you to prove it. If you can not, they will sometimes ticket you for false reporting, which can land you in jail quick.

If you order something online and need an address to pick it up at there are a few ways to do this. Best way is to have it delivered to a friends house. If you have no friends in the area and are not going to be constantly getting mail you can call the nearest post office and ask them if they do general delivery. If the branch you call does not accept general delivery ask them which branch does. Call that post office and let them know you are expecting a general delivery order during the delivery period of your order. Sometimes they will email, or call you when your package arrives. Otherwise, just check back with that office regularly until your package is delivered. If the company you order from uses UPS, or FedEx, you can pick up your package at one of their store fronts.

No matter how you decide to receive your mail always remember that by staying organized you will not have to rely on reminders to pay your bills. Your last known address, the address on your ID, works for all government agencies and will work until you report something different.